About Marcel Allbritton

Marcel Allbritton, PhD is a clinical Yoga Therapist, consultant, and coach. Marcel combined his work in Organizational Development and Communication (organizational, group, and interpersonal) with his work with Yoga Therapy, Meditation, and Traditional Healing Systems to create the Core Resonance Process. Marcel works with clients through privates sessions, coaching sessions, presentations, and workshops.

Marcel has a Master’s degree and a PhD in Organization Development and has spent the last 12 years focusing on Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

Marcel combines 2000 year old principles from the wisdom of Yoga with modern tools of coaching and process facilitation.  The Core Resonance Coaching process is the result.  Core Resonance helps people work from and with their true core.  The foundation of this work is helping people understand, apply, practice, and integrate principles of healing and change.