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Learn how to come from your alignment rather than being overly influenced by challenges you face” - Marcel Allbritton, Ph.D

Increase growth (personal, professional, and business). 

Increase vitality, energy, and focus.  

Decrease cost (monetary, energetic, and emotional)

Feel engaged and supported.

Stay aligned in challenging situations.

Get more personal nourishment from your life and work.

Stay focused on what is essential.

Minimize distractions. 

Be in alignment with your Core Resonance. 

Be more present, grounded, and clear.



 “The experience made it worth it. Its helpful to know what the Core Resonance is, what it feels like, to connect to it- go to the Core Resonance mission and vision for guidance. This is true for me individually as much as it is for the organization.


I wanted to take my leadership to the next level. You provided the organization consistency in philosophy with the leader and the process in action.”


-Susan Carter, Administrative Director I Osher Center for Integrative Health at Vanderbilt

Doing Differently podcast
“The core resonance process has enabled such a beautiful alignment of doing something very differently than I would have imagined doing it.
Business tends to be hyper focused on growth. Of course we want to grow, but how can I come from my core values and how can I be in a relationship with this entity I am creating?”

Janice Cathay

CEO and founder

Ha.Lé Integrative Health

"The Core Resonance process just clarified everything.
In my mind, it's really Yoga... It all came out of me and then I set up structures that allowed me to be me."

Chase Bossart

Executive Director

Yoga Well Institute

“I started working with the Core Resonance process in the context of helping me get unstuck around how I was showing up in my work. One question you asked that really changed my life for the better was ''who are your people?'
Most the time when you work with a business coach, the question would be external - who's your target audience? But who are my people? My people like to play. Realizing this let me go to that place of play. That's where I shine, in the joy and the play. I started to translate that into teacher training programs I was involved in, especially the children's one. I became part of the staff with an international program, yoga therapy for youth.”

Stacy Loop

Founder of Loop of Light,Yoga Therapist, Holistic Health Coach,

Breath Therapist

"When you focus on aligning with your inner potential, you are cultivating yourself. What better place to put your attention.
Core Resonance is an amazing process."

Nick Pastula

Sales and Marketing Consultant,

Personal and Professional Development Coach

If you are interested in the Core Resonance process
schedule a free 15 minute session with Marcel Allbritton, Ph.D.
to discuss how Core Resonance Works can work for you!
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