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These episodes of the Doing Differently podcast feature conversations about the Core Resonance process.

Episode 20
Effective Healing and Personal Development: Working with a Yoga Mentor in your Healing and Personal Development

Amanda Green
Yoga Therapist, Yoga Mentor, and Yoga Teacher

Marcel has a conversation with Amanda Green about the importance of having a guide to support you in your personal practice of healing and transformation.

Amanda and Marcel discuss how working with a Yoga mentor can help you address core issues and make internal shifts at much deeper levels. They talk about how valuable it is to have a long term mentor and how that can make your personal healing more effective.

If the idea of working with a mentor appeals to you, schedule a free 15 minute conversation with Marcel to explore possibilities.

Episode 18
Come from your authentic self with Core Resonance

Carrie Heeter, PhD
Meditation Teacher, Research Scientist, Author

Marcel and Carrie Heeter talk about Carrie's experience with the Core Resonance coaching process.


The Core Resonance coaching process gives you a tool that is a description of your personal core resonance, and then supports you in your practice of aligning or connecting. It is about connecting with how you feel when you are aligned with your core resonance and practicing coming from that alignment.


When you are more in alignment with your personal core resonance, your experiences in life are more aligned.


"Connecting with my Core Resonance reminds me of who I am. It helps me be more authentically me." - Carrie

Episode 17
The Practice of Self-Alignment and the Core Resonance Coaching Process

Marcel Allbritton, PhD
Yoga Therapist and Core Resonance Works creator

Marcel talks about the personal coaching process he developed. Core Resonance supports aligning your work and your life with what makes you feel the most alive and engaged.


Core Resonance helps you identify your alignment and then practice coming from your alignment.

Alignment is a description, it's a feeling, it's a sensation. It's something that you feel inside of yourself when you're in alignment. And the power of the Core Resonance Works process is that you can identify what that alignment is, what it looks like, what it feels like, and all the different subtleties of it.

When you are in alignment - you have more energy, make better decisions, and your relationships are better.

Episode 15
Personal and professional alignment

Nick Pastula
Sales and Marketing Consultant, Personal and Professional Development Coach

Get an inside look at the Core Resonance process. Learn how and why it works and how it can help you be more aligned in your life. 

Nick Pastula  is a Sales and Marketing Consultant and Personal and Professional Coach.  Nick shares his deeply transformative experiences with the Core Resonance process. He discusses how he worked with it and why it was transformative for him in his personal and professional life.


Nick took to the process like a fish to water and changed the focus of his business as a result of the Core Resonance process.

Episode 11
A journey of alignment: Identifying and coming from your alignment

Stacey Loop
Loop of Light Yoga therapist, Holistic health coach, Breath therapist

What is alignment? How do you find your own alignment? In this episode, learn more about identifying alignment in your own work and how you can practice coming from that alignment.

Stacey Loop, a Yoga Therapist and Teacher of Viniyoga, talks about alignment in her personal and professional development. Stacey shares the story of how she identified “play” as the driving force in her work and how recognizing this opened up a world of new opportunities.


Learn about how to come from function over form and how this simple approach opens up options for recognizing and working with your own alignment.

Episode 9
Being aligned as a business owner

Chase Bossart
Executive Director
Yoga Well Institute

It is a challenge to run a business when you don't have a background in business. Learn about alignment and how aligning with your core can help you to not only run your business but to also show up as your authentic self.


Chase Bossart talks about his experiences with the Core Resonance process and how it has helped and supported him with running his business, the Yoga Well Institute.


This process helped him to focus on what was most important and make decisions about who to hire, how to solve problems, and how to best connect with clients.

Episode 7
Creating a healing-based business

Janice Cathay
CEO and founder
Ha.Lé Integrative Health

Janice Cathey is a healing practitioner, visionary, and entrepreneur in the field of integrative health. Janice is the CEO and founder of Ha.Lé Integrative Health in Nashville, Tennessee.

Janice and Marcel have worked together with the Core Resonance Works process that Marcel developed over the last few years to help healing practitioners that are leaders or entrepreneurs Identify, Cultivate, and Integrate their Core alignment.


Janice and Marcel talk about leading and creating organizations from the principles of healing, and hear Janice share her inspiration behind the creation of Ha.Lé, her integrative health center.

Episode 4
Cultivating healing-based organizations

Susan Carter
Administrative Director of the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, Vanderbilt University

Principles of healing can not only be applied to individuals, but also to organizations! In this episode, Marcel speaks with Susan Carter, the administrative director of the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt University.


Susan and Marcel discuss their collaborative work in cultivating healing-based organizations. This episode introduces Core Resonance Works, a process Marcel created that supports that strategic alignment of an organization and allows for integration of principles of healing within the organization.

If you are interested in the Core Resonance process
schedule a free 15 minute session with Marcel Allbritton, Ph.D.
to discuss how Core Resonance Works can work for you!
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