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Translate your personal core resonance externally to super-charge
your marketing, branding, and networking!

You have experienced the power of the core resonance process. The power of being aligned with what matters most to you. Core Resonance has helped you practice and integrate your alignment. Core Resonance has helped you make better decisions and gain greater clarity.


While the personal core resonance has internal meaning for your life, your personal core resonance is also a powerful tool that you can translate and use externally to support marketing, branding, and networking. Translating your personal core resonance externally helps people “get you” and understand you.


You want to attract aligned clients, not just clients that want your services. Translating your personal core resonance externally helps you attract the clients that you want to work with most. This in turn enables you to do the work that most aligns with your core resonance.


Networking with other professionals who are aligned with your core resonance— I call it co-alignment— supports working with people who share your values and perspectives and are aligned with the functions and application of your work.

The benefits of translating your Core Resonance externally

I am offering a special discount and package to previous CRW clients to provide follow-up and support for the core resonance process. In these two one-hour sessions, I will coach you to help you translate your personal core resonance externally.


Normally the two sessions are priced at $200.00 per session. As a previous client your total price for the two sessions will be $350.00.

If you are interested in the Core Resonance process
schedule a free 15 minute session with Marcel Allbritton, Ph.D.
to discuss how Core Resonance Works can work for you!
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