Core Resonance Works

Core Resonance Works: Do More of the Work you Love.
Better insights. Better decisions. Better relationships.

Core Resonance™ is a facilitated approach that integrates professional development, personal growth, and transformation. Professional Core Resonance was developed to help you work from your internal drive instead of external pressure.

Since 2011, Core Resonance has delivered the skills and tools to help people stay aligned with their truth as they carry out their work.

Benefits of Core Resonance:

• Create a work environment where you are engaged and supported.
• Be at your best even in challenging situations.
• Get more nourishment from the work you do.
• Minimize stress and energy drain.
• Counter the fears to following your true path.
• Stay focused on what is essential.


• Coaching, workshops, and content on the principles of personal development and career development.
• Tools, strategies, and support for growth and fulfillment in your work life.
• Help you identifying and working from your truth, your Core Resonance.

How Core Resonance Works:

Phase 1: You will discover and clarify your Core Resonance Statement, a super effective tool to ensure you stay aligned, supported, and engaged in your personal and career development. In three one-hour sessions you will identify your Core Resonance and learn how to come from your Core Resonance in your work.

We coach you on using this tool to internalize your Core Resonance Statement, so you can use it every day, in every area of your life. When you fully engage in this work, you will be able to come from your true Core Resonance in everything you do.

Phase 2: You create your Core Resonance Mission and Core Resonance Values. You learn how to work from your Core Resonance more effectively and consistently. You will be coached on how to integrate your Core Resonance into your work systems and processes in ways that work best for you.

Phase 3: Ongoing coaching and support help you to customize the practice of coming from your Core Resonance your personal work systems and processes.

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