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Put your core alignment to work for you!

  • We provide coaching and resources to help you see more clearly, make better decisions, and have better relationships.
  • Learn how to identify and work from your core alignment in your work and life.
  • Core Resonance helps you establish a practice of coming from your inner core alignment, and as a result, your work and life experiences become more aligned with your authentic self.

Who are my People?

3-hour Workshop
Applying your Core Resonance to Identify, Find, and Attract Your People. 

Wednesday, January 10, 4-7 pm PST (limit 6 participants) 




To register for the workshop, please click below. 

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Core Resonance "Shop Talk" - Thursday December 14, 3-3:30 pm CT
Register to join Marcel Allbritton for a free 30 Core Resonance "Shop Talk" session to listen to hear stories from those that have worked with Core Resonance and learn how the Core Resonance process can help you come from alignment.
If you are interested in the Core Resonance process
schedule a free 15 minute session with Marcel Allbritton, Ph.D.
to discuss how Core Resonance Works can work for you!

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