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“Where you are coming from is just as important as what you are doing.” - Marcel Allbritton, Ph.D

Identify and work from your Core Resonance!
You want to  work from your core alignment.

Core Resonance™ is a facilitated approach that integrates professional development, personal growth, and transformation.


Professional Core Resonance was developed to help you work from your internal drive instead of external pressure.


Since 2011, Core Resonance has delivered the tools and support to help people work from and with their core resonance.


Coaching, workshops, and content.

Tools, strategies, and support.

How Core Resonance Works:
We coach you on using your Core Resonance as a tool. When you fully engage in this work, you will come from your Core Resonance more consistently and more fully. You will be in alignment more of the time. 


Phase 1:

You will identify your Core Resonance Statement, an effective tool to help you stay aligned, supported, and engaged in your work.  In six one-hour sessions, you will identify your Core Resonance and learn how to come from your Core Resonance in your work.


Phase 2:

You learn how to work from your Core Resonance more effectively and consistently. You will be coached on practices to more fully integrate your Core Resonance.


Phase 3:  

We provide ongoing coaching and support to help you customize the Core Resonance for your work systems and processes. Your Core Resonance becomes self-reinforcing. 

Develop wisdom. Master subtleties.


Personal Core Resonance

$250.00 per session, 6 sessions. $1,500.00 

  • Orientation and interview, phase one

  • Orientation and interview, phase two

  • Creation of personal statement

  • Core resonance exercise workshop 

  • Follow-up one, application of Core Resonance in systems and processes

  • Follow-up two, integration of Core Resonance into systems and processes

Doing Differently podcast
If you are interested in the Core Resonance process
schedule a free 15 minute session with Marcel Allbritton, Ph.D.
to discuss how Core Resonance Works can work for you!
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